The Story

Look Good, Feel Good

Pacificana is a local PNG SME which is owned by Amanda Tau and Biang Kanasa. We initially started Pacificana in 2013 as a hobby before we registered it legally in August 2015. We are part of the fashion industry and we are passionate about styling people with pacific clothing and accessories. We sell a range of products from hair flowers to coconut earrings to dresses and bags from throughout the pacific and we also custom make a few of our outfits with the mission to collaborate unique designs that make people look good and feel good. Our ultimate vision is to empower and encourage women and youths to be entrepreneurs that contribute positively to society. We have been in business for almost 4 years now and are home based in Port Moresby, PNG. Keeping in line with our vision for Pacificana, we use our following on social media to advertise and share stories about other local businesses with the hopes that we can encourage and inspire other people to think about starting their own businesses and using them to support others.

Pacificana- Look good, feel good..